Innovating Design And The Changing Role of Designers S12 Ep17

Guest: Seth Taylor (@stotion)

The role of designers and design thinking is impacting every product and service being created. The old days of a product being created and then tossed over the wall to a designer to “wrap it in plastic and make it look nice” are long gone. With the introduction of products like the iPhone and Tesla, customers […]

innovating design designers design innovaiton

Innovation of Design and Finding a Mentor

Dateline: Washington D.C. Segment 1: Innovation In Design Visit Frogdesign Segment 2: Finding A Mentor Segment 3: Killer Question of the Week iTunes | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS | More

Grassroots Innovation Using The Kickbox Process From Adobe S13 Ep16

Guest: Mark Randall, VP of Innovation and Chief Strategist at Adobe

Inside any size organization, getting everyone engaged on innovation can be daunting. Its not just as simple as saying that innovation is important. You need to show the organization how. At Adobe, Mark Randall reversed engineered his approach to grassroots innovation and structured into a process called Kickbox. He didn’t stop there. He and Adobe decided […]


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We are so excited to announce HP's sponsorship of Killer Innovations, our nationally syndicated radio show and podcast hosted by leader in innovation, Phil McKinney.  Our relationship with HP is a direct result of our shared values, and we are honored to begin this new partnership.

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Creative Sprint: Six 30-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity (Voyageur Press, 2017)

Challenge yourself to a new type of exercise with Creative Sprint!

This interactive workbook is filled with 30-day challenges designed to build your creative muscles. Follow along with prompts to get you drawing, journaling, taking photos, and making collages – doing anything creative that you choose to do!

Each sprint has a theme, like Think Small, Work with the Unexpected, and Embrace Limitations. Throughout the book you’ll find features focused on fellow sprinters, as well as inspirational quotes, and every sprint ends with a recap that encourages reflection.

How you use the book is up to you! Complete sprint after sprint, channeling your creativity into new challenges. Or pick up the book every couple of months if you feel like you need a jolt of motivation!


About the Author

Noah Scalin is a co-founder of Another Limited Rebellion, an art and innovation consultancy that develops creative potential in individuals, organizations, and communities. He is also the creator of the Webby Award winning Skull-A-Day project and the first artist-in-residence at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business. Noah is the author of five previous books on design and creativity and has traveled the world bringing his message of creative potential and design activism to everyone from incarcerated teenagers to Fortune 500 executives.

Mica Scalin, co-founder of Another Limited Rebellion, has been an innovator in the use of art and media for community engagement and creative development for over a decade. She has worked with independent artists and for Showtime, CBS, NBC and the groundbreaking non-profit JDub. From grassroots to broadcast, her passion lies in creating cultural experiences that make meaningful connections between people. She has a BFA in photography.

Order the book at: Creative Sprint: Six 30-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity

For more on the book and its authors, visit

Treat Your Life Like A Startup S12 Ep41

Guest: Dr Anna Akbari

Many make the mistake of thinking that their lives are going to work out as planned. It never does. What would happen if you treated your life like a startup? The guest for this weeks show, Dr. Anna Akbari, discusses her book, “Startup Your Life: Hustle And Hack Your Way To Happiness.” As an entrepreneur, […]

6 High Impact Innovations I’m Most Excited About S12 Ep40

Examples of human ingenuity to look at problems and opportunities in unique and different ways.

This time of year, I take a moment and look at innovations that were announced in the last year whose impact will be significant in the next 12 to 24 months. This year’s list contains some intriguing innovations that are less about “new tech” and more about human ingenuity to look at problems and opportunities […]

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Win Guest Appearance on the nationally syndicated Killer Innovations Radio Show

In celebration of wrapping up Season 12 and the start of Season 13, I am offering a guest appearance for one of our listeners.  The winner will come on the show and spend the entire hour talk and share their innovation efforts, dreams and plans.


The competition will start January 1, 2017 and run through March 1st.


So – how what does it take to win?

  1. Like us on social media (links are in the upper right of this page) and then ..
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You can post multiple high impact innovations and on multiple social media platforms. The more you post, the more likely you are to win!

What if you win?

March 1st 2017, we will randomly select a winner from all of the posts who use #killerinnovation. The winner will make a guest appearance on the show where they will spend a one-hour episode discussing their ideas, innovation, start-ups, etc. Whatever you want as long as its related to the theme of the show (innovation, creativity and design).

You have the choice of traveling (at your expense) to my studio in Colorado and doing the show live or to be remote and connect to the studio via Zoom (our sponsor).


I'm looking forward to seeing what innovations you are most excited about.


Note: This contest is void were prohibited.

3 Pieces of Innovation Advice For Entrepreneurs S12 Ep38

Guest: Tyler Reynolds - Co-Founder and CEO of Trinity Mobile Networks

Getting innovation advice from actual innovators is invaluable. In this weeks, show, we hear from Tyler Reynolds, the CEO and Co-founder of Trinity Mobile Networks. Tyler and his co-founder,  Stephen Hall, are innovators who were inspired to innovate a solution to a problem they themselves had. During the show, Tyler shares how the idea behind Trinity […]