Emergent Innovations

Creativity In A Box -- The Killer Questions Card Deck

Dateline: Washington D.C.
Segment 1: Emergent Innovations
Basic characteristics …
– Culture of experimentation/risk taking
– Self organizing knowledge systems (e.g. Wiki, Blogs, Communities)
– Strong network of relationships
– Multiple skills (diversity)
– Flexible team structures
– Simple rules (min specification, diffusion of authority, widespread availability of info)
– Minimize boundries
Emergent Innovation example: Dibbwala/Tiffinwala
Segment 2: Weak Signals – Using stats …
– Trends in management -vs- population trends
Segment 3: Killer Question of the Week
HOMEWORK ASIGNMENT!!!: Send an email to podcast@killerinnovations.com that describes:
– How have you used the information from the podcasts?
– What (if any) has been the inpact?

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