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How To Successfully Establish And Lead Industry Innovation Efforts S12 Ep44

Innovation is not constrained to individuals, teams or organizations. In some cases, the best to way to innovate is when entire industries comes together to share the effort and the investment necessary. Industry innovation is one approach that is commonly overlook and undervalued. In today's show, we talk with John Osborne who is General Manager of R&D at The Kroger Company and is the Chairman of the Board of the ZigBee Alliance.

The ZigBee Alliance is a standards organization around the ZigBee wireless stack used in everything from light bulbs to industrial sensors and monitors. To innovate with an organization such as Zigbee, you need to bring together 400 members and get them to align their efforts to the benefit of everyone involved. Not an easy task.

In today's show on industry innovation. John and I discuss:

Today's Guest: John Osborne II

John is currently the Chairman of the Board of the zigbee alliance (a global SDO) and General Manager of Research & Development at The Kroger Co. John’s expertise is in computer science combined with business management, negotiation and purchasing disciplines. He has been responsible for enterprise wide operational and technical projects budgets worth millions of dollars. He has a number of patents and co-authored a global technical specification for zigbee. John graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Ohio University.

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