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When I started the podcast, I had no idea where that path would lead me. Over the 11 years, the show has gone through a number of transitions.  The latest being that it is now a weekly live talk radio show syndicated on the BizTalk Radio Network of AM and FM radio stations across the US.

The show is a 1 hour live show on Sundays at 5:00PM Eastern – 2:00PM Pacific and can be listenedlive on BizTalk Radio site or you can download the BizTalk apps for iOS and Android.

The weekly show will then be edited/produced and released as our normal weekly podcast through our normal podcasting networks (e.g. iTunes, Soundcloud, etc).

While you will still get the show as a podcast, those listening live will be able to participate by asking questions or offering your ideas and comments.

This post is for show #1 – what I’m referring to as the “prototype” show.

NOTE: I would love your comments/feedback/suggestions as we attempt to “innovate” live radio. Please add them to the comments below.


Show notes for this weeks show:

  • Anything and everything can be innovated:
    • Business model
    • Customer service
    • Processes
    • Sales
    • Advertising
    • Expense Reporting
    • how you raise money to fund your idea
    • Even how to clean the bathrooms
  • What is a killer innovation? A killer innovation is a significant and highly profitable departure from current offerings or practices that would be difficult to duplicate
    • Significant – unique idea/approach that is not just an extension to what already exists today.
    • Highly profitable – create entirely new industries/markets with a profit stream that creates growth, jobs economies and wealth
    • Difficult to duplicate – create a barrier for others to take it away .. Could be speed of innovation (can’t catch you).
  • Types of innovation antibodies?
    • The Ego Antibody
      • “Oh I already thought of that a long time ago.”
      • “Somebody else has already come up with that idea.”
      • “I have something better.”
    • The Fatigued Antibody
      • “You’ll never get approval.”
      • “We tried that before.”
      • “Who’s going to do it?”
      • “It won’t fit our operation.”
    • The No-Risk Antibody
      • “Not enough return on investment.”
      • “We can’t afford that.”
    • The Comfort Antibody
      • “We’ve always done it this way.”
      • “Our customer likes it this way.”
      • “Don’t rock the boat.”
    • At some point — sometimes we are the anti-body
      • We get comfortable with how “it’s always been done”
      • “this worked for me in the past”
      • “I’m the expert — I’ve done this before”

This weeks Killer Question:  What are the assumptions under which my INDUSTRY operates?

Further questions to consider:

  • Why is your industry structured the way it is?
  • What are the rules for how your industry interacts with customers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc.?
  • What would be the effect on your business if these assumptions changed? Which of these assumptions could you change that would radically alter your position in the industry?

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