What Bad Habits are Killing Your Creativity?

It takes practice and patience to develop your creativity, and there are bad habits people learn which crush their creativity. But like all bad habits, we can break these if we are willing to work at it! What Are Habits? Habits are things you do automatically, without thinking. Bad habits can form in a few days, […]

Bad Habits

Most Downloaded Episode of 2021

With the start of a new year, let’s look back at the most downloaded episode of 2021. The Most Downloaded Episode of 2021 As an innovation leader, I encounter loads of information every day. I like to use tools that capture/organize this information and bring it together in a way that’s easy to access. I […]

most downloaded episode

What are the Qualities of a Creative Person?

Creative people can think of new ideas, and creative ideas are those ideas that are new, useful, and different. It all starts with the creative person. What is so special about them? What are their qualities? Creative people often have a sense of limitless creative freedom and experimentation. Their creative genius is a natural part of […]

What are the Qualities of a Creative Person?

3 Characteristics of Successful Failures

For innovation leaders, it is vital to learn how to turn failures into successes. Innovation is all about seeing opportunities others don’t see and seizing them. Successful failures lead to successful innovations. The Importance of Failure The experimentation phase is within the innovation process, often full of failures. These failures are not always negative. When […]

Successful Failures

The 7 Essential Ingredients of Agile Innovation

It is crucial to stand out among the crowd in a world filled with so many innovations. Organizations that want to improve their innovation impact need to implement a high-impact strategy. We will be exploring the seven essential ingredients of agile innovation. Agile is the ability to think/understand quickly and move quickly and flexibly. Agile innovation […]

Agile Innovation

9 Characteristics of Successful Innovation Leaders

We are finishing up a two-part series on innovation leaders. Innovation leadership skills go beyond the basic skills associated with managing people or processes. They are leadership styles to increase creativity, competency, and collaboration that result in innovations that contribute to the organization’s success. The Challenge The Harvard Business Review recently said, “A major paradox […]

Innovation Leaders

8 Leadership Roadblocks to Innovation

Innovation is the secret sauce to success. Unfortunately, efforts to create innovative products or services often get derailed by good intentions, market factors, or other roadblocks holding us back. Leadership Alignment Business leadership has spent billions searching for innovation. From creating Innovation Centers to investing in incubators, organizations continue on a snipe hunt for innovation. It […]

Leadership Roadblocks

Eric Yuan and the Future of Zoom

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is a longtime friend of mine whose leadership has positively impacted countless people. Zoom is a sponsor of the show, and we are honored to have Eric join us to discuss game-changing innovations. During COVID-19, Zoom saw explosive growth from schools, businesses, and individuals alike. Eric attributes two factors to Zoom’s success: […]

Eric Yuan

Kevin Spencer on Disability Innovation through Magic Tricks

We are back to discuss impactful healthcare-related innovations, specifically disability innovation. Kevin Spencer is an award-winning magician who is passionate about developing children with autism. Disability Innovation through Magic Tricks Kevin is a magician known by many as “the kid whisperer.” Years ago, Kevin had a brain and spine injury from a motorcycle accident. During the […]

Disability Innovation

Bryan Chambers and Joel Radtke on FinTech and Venture Capital Innovation

We are back in Texas with a venture capital firm and its FinTech portfolio company. Bryan Chambers and Joel Radtke join us to discuss venture capital innovation and the journey of an up-and-coming Texas startup. Capital Factory is a firm that connects investors with new companies and talent. Texas has five of the twelve largest […]

Venture Capital Innovation