Human Creativity and AI

AI has become very popular in the world today. With its transition from a dream to reality, one must wonder what future outcomes will come of it. Is human creativity at the core of AI? Some may wonder whether AI can possess the same creative abilities. Human Creativity and AI Learning and experiences lead to […]

Human Creativity

3 Steps to Brainstorming Ideas on Demand

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Being creative is hard. Suppose a crisis within your organization happens, and you need to come up with ideas on demand. How do you respond? While this situation sounds scary, there are steps you can take to respond successfully. 3 Steps to Brainstorming Ideas on Demand I use three steps […]

Ideas on Demand

Contentment: Virtue or Enemy of Innovation?

In life, it is essential to be content when it comes to certain things. However, when dealing with innovation, that is far from the case. When an innovator decides they are satisfied with their product or idea, they will be in for an unpleasant surprise. This contentment can be the ultimate enemy of innovation. Virtue or […]

Enemy of Innovation

Top Questions to Ask Your Employees

A vital function of an innovation leader is to motivate, support, and point their team to good habits. Doing this should be a daily activity. Modeling leadership habits and exhibiting leadership skills inspires employees to become leaders. With inspiration and a list of questions to ask your employees, they will become more efficient and innovative. […]

Top Questions to Ask Your Employees

Brainstorming Problem Statements as a Team

Let’s say your organization tasks your team to generate a new product or service idea. You gather your team together and get ready to brainstorm, thinking you can’t go wrong. Contrary to common thought, when brainstorming problem statements, things can go wrong. Often, teams will jump into brainstorming sessions, forgetting a vital step of the process. […]

Brainstorming Problem Statements

Innovation Success, Skill or Luck

Many people spend years of their lives searching for the secrets of success. Most people believe success comes from doing what successful people do. 1986, “In Search of Excellence” came out, which sought to identify shared practices of 10 successful companies and publish them. This book was the first one in its genre. Did these companies […]


How to Become the Innovation Challenger

A challenger is someone who ignores old thought patterns, doesn’t let others hold them back, and confronts the dominant player. In the story of David and Goliath, David defeated the giant because he approached him differently. As an organization, you need to think differently to challenge a well-accepted market leader. Challengers fight smarter, with focus […]


Elastic Innovation – A Needed Innovation Capability

Innovating in the face of the unexpected can stretch the most decisive innovation leader. COVID taught us that flexibility and adaptability is the name of the game. This is especially true within an organization’s innovation efforts. A new capability is needed to respond to these disruptive shock situations effectively. I call this capability “elastic innovation,” or the […]

Elastic Innovation

Unexpected Way to Predict the Future

In past episodes, I’ve discussed science fiction stories as tools to predict the future. H.G Wells wrote about atomic bombs and the fallout – thirty years before Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In 1968, John Brunner predicted the European Union, China’s rise to power, and Detroit’s economic downfall.   You can probably take any existing technology and find […]

Predict the Future

Achieving Success by Pivoting Your Innovation

To me, pivoting is making a significant change in direction. Many people are not aware that some of today’s products result from a pivot. We’ll look at seven companies that made meaningful, significant changes resulting in ultimate success. Achieving Success by Pivoting Your Innovation PayPal started as a digital “I owe you” platform. Today, it is a […]

Pivoting Pivot