10 Infrastructure Requirements For The Creative Economy

There is an emerging creating economy that will transform our economic foundations, our careers and even what we should be teaching our kids. There are some fundamental infrastructure requirements that need to be in place for the creative economy. What are they?

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Segment 1: 10 Infrastructure Requirements For The Creative Economy

  1. Establish innovation friendly education system
  2. Establish a set of BOG’s (Bold Outrageous Goals) to focus research and investment
  3. Strengthen links between research and industry
  4. Encourage innovation transfer between research and industry
  5. Provide R&D tax (investment) incentive to encourage investments
  6. Nurture local & regional innovation funding
  7. Support innovation development through public and private procurement
  8. Ensure proper/appropriate protection of IP (including reward incentives)

That is only 8 of the 10!

Add your ideas to comments section below.

Segment 2: Killer Question of the Week

Segment 3: Closing Thoughts

“In this world a man must either be an anvil or a hammer”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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