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Modular Toys USA 3D Express Kit (Israel: Modular Toys)

All aboard the Modular Express. You are the chief engineer and you get to build over 5 feet of track with turns, intersections and elevated track. You can even build a station house or wall around your rail yard. Modular Construction Toys take a new and unique approach to educational developing construction toys allowing true three-dimensional, fully modular construction of race track sets, highways, castles, railways ,cars and characters while developing abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception and creativity.

About Modular Toys:

Modular ™ Construction Toys specializes in the design and production of three dimensional construction toys. The concept is based on a new patented and innovative modular system that enables multiple variations developing 3D perception, planning, creativity and abstract creative thinking.

Interview with the Founder and CEO of Modular Toys, Vitali Minin, on the Killer Innovations Show

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