Career Success Through Acquisition S12 Ep32

Guest: Andrew Skafel CEO of Edgewater Wireless

With the never ending M&A activities facing most industries, managing your career success through acquisition is a critical survival skill.

In today's show, our guest Andrew Skafel shares his lessons learned in how to not only survive acquisitions but how to navigate the changes to ensure career success.

We discussed:

  • Andrew shared is academic background and how it has no connection to his current role as CEO.
  • What he wanted to do before he got into tech.
  • His experience of going though multiple acquisitions over his career.
  • Sharing what contributed to his career success.
  • Shares one experience where he felt like giving up but instead stayed with it.
  • History of how Edgewater Wireless came about.
  • The strategy of doing a spin out from a parent company.
  • The technology behind Edgewater Wireless.
  • What makes this technology non-obvious that prevented other from inventing it.
  • Andrew respomded to the task of sharing three pieces of advice he would you to a 20 year old Andrew.
  • He discussed two pieces of advice would he would give an entrepreneur just starting out.
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About Edgewater Wireless:

Edgewater Wireless is revolutionizing Wi-Fi infrastructure with their patented, multi-channel WiFi3™ technology powering next-gen access points, Small Cells and Wi-Fi/DAS solutions. Edgewater Wireless has figured out how to deliver what MSOs and their customers have been asking for: vastly improved Wi-Fi network performance across a variety of industries and challenging environments with unparalleled performance, high flexibility, and unsurpassed security. For more information, check out the Edgewater Wireless website.

About Andrew Skafel:

Andrew is responsible for leading Edgewater Wireless, Andrew’s broad strategic perspective comes from his work with both multinational equipment vendors and a number of start-up network operators.

Andrew has significant multinational experience. He was based in Asia for seven years where he worked for Newbridge Networks/Alcatel; Silicon Valley-based, InterWAVE Communications and the Commercial Division of the Canadian High Commission (Malaysia). His roles included strategic marketing, international business development and business planning.

A proven telecom innovator and leader, Andrew founded an innovative GSM operator in Brasil, taking the project from concept to fundraising, license acquisition and launch phases.

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Mr. Skafel holds an MBA from INSEEC (Paris), a graduate diploma from the McRae Institute of International Management (Vancouver) and a BA in Economics & Politics from the University of Western Ontario.

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