Cartoons Creativity and Innovation with Tom Fishburne S11 Ep49

Guest: Tom Fishburne (@tomfishburne)

This weeks guest on the Killer Innovations radio show was Tom Fishburne. Tom is a cartoonist that pokes fun at marketing, creativity, design and innovation and I've shared his cartoons on my blog many times. His work is meant to challenge conventional thinking and to cause teams and leaders to see themselves in the cartoons.

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While I'm a big Dilbert fan, I'm a bigger Tom Fishburne fan. Tom's cartoons hit close to home because of his keen observation and commentary on creativity and innovation – especially inside larger organizations.

While we talked about cartooning, we also cover a wide range of topics on creativity, design and innovation including:

  • What was first cartoon you drew when a student at Harvard?
  • Did you really use a cartoon as a way to get a job?
  • How scary was it to leave your “day job”?
  • What is the “V1” analogy and how did it help you finally jump and start your cartoon business?
  • How does Tom keep the ideas coming, even during those creative dry spells?
  • What are the inspirations that help keep the ideas coming?
  • How do you keep the productivity up so that you can be “creative on demand”?
  • What is the concept of the “wikiwall” and how does it help in team creativity?
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About Tom Fishburne

Tom Fishburne,cartoon,creativity,ideas,innovationsI'm a longtime fan of Tom Fishburne and his cartoons. Tom started cartooning  as a student at Harvard Business School. While in various marketing roles at General Mills, Nestle and Method, Tom parodied the world of marketing in a weekly cartoon. His cartoons have grown by word of mouth to reach 100,000 business readers each week and have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, and the New York Times.

Tom soon realized that cartoons are a remarkable form of shareable media. He launched Marketoonist to help large and small businesses such as Google, GE, Kronos, Motista, Rocketfuel, reach their audiences with cartoons.

Tom is a frequent keynote speaker on innovation, marketing and creativity, using cartoons, case studies, and his marketing career to tell the story visually. The Huffington Post ranked his South-By-Southwest (SXSW) talk the third best of the conference out of 500.

You can find Tom at:

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