Can You Achieve Both Professional Success and Personal Success At The Same Time? S12 Ep22

Guest: Aaron Walker from Lead From The Top

What do you do with a highly successful 35 year career? You pay-it-forward. You take the ups and downs you experienced and share it with others and help them achieve not just professional success – but also personal success. There seems to be an explosion of people hanging out their coach and mentor shingles. The […]

How A Creative High School Student’s Science Fair Project Launched A Company And A Medical Device S12 Ep21

Guest: Nick Titus, CEO and Co-founder of Myonic Technologies Inc. (@myonic)

The emerging creative economy is dependent on having a workforce that is skilled differently than in the past. These new skills include: critical thinking, using our natural ability to be highly creative, be willing to take risks and to not have a fear of failure. There are kids/young adults who showing the rest of us how they […]

Interview with Dan Prosser

Dan Prosser, as CEO of The Prosser Group, has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur CEO, speaker, teacher and mentor, coaching business leaders, entrepreneurs and micropreneurs to cultivate an uncommon approach to building an extraordinary competitive edge. Dan is the author of the Amazon Best-Seller for multiple weeks and one of the Top 30 Business […]

Dan Prosser Author of Thirteeners

Interview with Matt Bross

Matt Bross is the former Global Chief Technology Officer of Huawei, British Telecom and is a well known industry visionary who is passionate about harnessing new technologies and driving service innovations that improve and transform the ability of people to communicate. Matt has a strong track record of understanding key global business trends and translating them […]

Matt Bross

Interview with Dr Vanu Bose of Vanu Inc

Dr. Vanu Bose, Ph.D., is the Founder of Vanu Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Dr. Bose is the principal inventor of the software radio technology that serves as the basis of Vanu Inc.’s products. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Jumpstart, a non-profit focused on early childhood […]

vanu bose ceo of vanu inc.

Interview with Tom Cellucci

Tom appeared on the Oct 25th show. Dr. Tom Cellucci has been a senior executive in both the private and public sectors for over 32 years. He served as the US Government’s first-ever Chief Commercialization Officer, working for both President Bush and President Obama. Tom leads a successful management consulting firm, Cellucci Associates, Inc., based […]

Thomas Cellucci

Interview with Dr. Natalie Baumgartner of RoundPegg

Natalie appeared on the Oct 18, 2015 episode of the radio show. Dr. Natalie Baumgartner is a Co-Founder and the Chief Psychologist at RoundPegg. RoundPegg is The Culture and Engagement Platform for all companies. We strive to make it possible for people to fit and thrive where they work. With Culture Science at it’s core, […]

Roundpegg Innovation Culture

Interview with Michael Mendenhall on Brand Innovation

Michael Mendenhall appeared on the Oct 11, 2015 show Michael is the Chief Marketing and Chief Communications Officer at Flextronics. Previously, he served as the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and Executive Vice President of Fusion-io, Inc. From 2007 through 2011, he served as Global Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at Hewlett Packard. where his organization […]

Michael Mendenhall - Flextronics CMO

Interview with Toby Krout of Boomtown on the Pros and Cons of Startup Accelerators

Toby Krout is an entrepreneur, investor, and startup coach. He co-founded Boomtown, a startup accelerator in Boulder, Colorado in 2013 where he currently serves as the Executive Director. Boomtown’s mission is to understand and continuously improve the modern accelerator model for the benefit of entrepreneurs. His startups currently enjoy a 96% survival rate and 78% […]

Toby Krout with Boomtown

Sept 20th with Peter Lierni and Mark Varricchione – co-founders of STEMlete

Peter Lierni and Mark Varricchione are co-founders from STEMlete (a play on the word “athlete”) who saw that there were a number of online communities for the self-promotion of student athletes seeking to: exhibit their athletic excellence; share their knowledge; improve their performance; get recognized; establish a following; and be recruited and succeed; however, there was nothing analogous for […]