3 Tips to Innovating with a Co-Innovation Partner

Co-innovation is a common term used in the innovation space. It describes two organizations of any kind that come together to innovate in an area of common interest. I am not only talking about collaboration. Co-innovation seeks to deliver a result such as a product or service. There is a 50-50 contribution with this model, […]

Co-Innovation Partner

Dr. Whitney Snider on Collaborative Campuses That Fuel Innovation

Whitney Snider is the Head of Alexandria’s LaunchLabs and the VP of Alexandria Venture Investments. Alexandria Real Estate Equities is a real estate investment trust that provides housing and labs for life science and tech companies. Whitney will share what ARE is doing to fuel innovation through collaborative campuses. Whitney’s Background Whitney works at Alexandria […]

Dr. Whitney Snider on Collaborative Campuses That Fuel Innovation

Cyril Bouquet – Better Innovation with ALIEN Thinking

Cyril Bouquet joins us to discuss “A.L.I.E.N. Thinking: The Unconventional Path to Breakthrough Ideas.” His book breaks down five keys to creating disruptive ideas called ALIEN Thinking: Attention, Levitation, Imagination, Experimentation, and Navigation. Cyril’s Background Cyril is a Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD. Growing up, both of his parents were professors, but he […]

Cyril Bouquet and ALIEN Thinking

Do Faster Release Cycles Hurt Innovation?

The Killer Innovations Show with Phil McKinney is now on Season 17th!

Have you noticed that there is a constant cycle of new product releases? Organizational quarterly results often drive these releases. Cars, smartphone devices, home automation products, applications all follow this pattern of release cycles. I believe the fear of being left behind is what draws people to upgrades. They don’t want to pull out an […]

Do faster release cycles hurt innovation?

Innovating Wicked Problems

Wicked problems are problems that are extremely difficult or impossible to solve. The best example of this type of problem comes from a project I did with the Department of Education. Wicked Problems This project aimed to innovate kindergarten through 12th-grade education in the U.S. We ran a series of workshops in our attempt to transform education. […]

Wicked Problems

Is Creative Thinking Based on Nature or Nurture?

Is creative thinking based on a born ability, or can you learn it like any other skill? Is it nature or nurture? There is research that argues both cases, and I believe you can do both. I would say that we are all born highly creative. Creative Nature vs. Creative Nurture Children use problem-solving and their imagination […]

Is Creative Thinking Based on Nature or Nurture?

10 Inventions I Would Uninvent

If only innovations that had unintended negative consequences could be uninvented, we can fix our mistakes. Let’s look at a list of past innovations that I would uninvent if I could. The Invention of Robocalls The first invention that I would like to uninvent is robocalls. These calls include anything from selling automobile maintenance contracts […]

10 Inventions I Would Uninvent

Why Creative Expression is Important

We often wonder if people will accept our ideas or criticize them. This fear can halt us from utilizing our creative expression, which ultimately affects how we innovate. When our creativity is encouraged, it can have a positive impact. Creative Expression When coming up with new ideas, early encouragement gives you the motivation to repeat them. […]

Creative Expression

What is the Biggest Killer of Creativity?

We all struggle with being creative from time to time. We may feel like we have lost something, and nothing seems to spark that creative flow. What is killing your creativity? Your ego is the biggest killer of creativity. The struggle tends to become an issue for people in the middle and later years of […]

What is the Biggest Killer of Creativity?

5 Tools I Use for Innovation and Creativity

I enjoy reading as well as listening to podcasts and audible books. With all the information I come across, I have to capture, organize, and recall to use them. I’m currently working on a new book as well as some disruptive innovation courses and workshops. The real challenge for me is finding a single tool […]

Tools for Innovation