Corporate Corruption Of Innovation

Segment 1: Corporate Corruption Of Innovation
Phases of corporate adoption of innovation

  • Ignore – hope that it goes away
  • It’s for others – not an issue for us
  • Maybe its something we should look into
  • URGENT – We are behind

Chief Innovation Officers does not equal innovation

How do you know if an organization is serious about innovation?

  • Have interlatized the importance of innovation
  • Has adopted innovation metrics that are transparent to everyone
  • Have allocated dedicated resources (headcount, budget)

If a company wants to make innovation a core pf their culture and business success

  1. Find the hidden creative individuals within the organization.  Give them the green light to come out of hiding.
  2. Find successess – no matter how small
  3. Find Failures
  4. Tell Stories
  5. Allocate resources
  6. Set targets

The objective of the organization adopting innovation is NOT TO:

  • create a new department/organization for the sake of creating turf/control
  • Creating red tape — that will come
  • Faking the results by finding metrics that make you look good
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The objective of the organization adopting innovation is TO:

  • Find those “creatives” already in the organization and support them
  • Motivate your people
  • Ignite the passion
  • Have REAL impact with REAL results

Segment 2: Killer Question of the Week

“What assumptions do we have about how our organization opeates?”

“What assumptions do we have about how we create new ideas/products/services?”

Segment 3: Closing Thoughts

“Change before you have to.”  Jack Welch’s

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