Creating Insanely Simple Innovations

Dateline: Saratoga, CA

Segment 1: Insane Simplicity

Easy to make the simple complex
Hard to make the complex simple
The reasons so many teams get it wrong

  • Teams design the product/solution for themselves rather than the customer
  • Lack of emersion with the customer
  • Minimal early validation

Suggestions to get it right

  • Hire an anthropologist (study your customers, uncover hiden motivators and unspoken needs)
  • Validate early and often

Segment 2: Killer Questions of the Week

What is it about my product that makes it hard for my customers to use?
What about the purchasing of my product does my customer hate?

Segment 3: Closing Thoughts

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep”  Scott Adams

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