How A Creative High School Student’s Science Fair Project Launched A Company And A Medical Device S12 Ep21

Guest: Nick Titus, CEO and Co-founder of Myonic Technologies Inc. (@myonic)

The emerging creative economy is dependent on having a workforce that is skilled differently than in the past. These new skills include: critical thinking, using our natural ability to be highly creative, be willing to take risks and to not have a fear of failure. There are kids/young adults who showing the rest of us how they will succeed in this new innovation economy. Nick Titus, a creative high school student who took his science fair project and created a company, is showing the rest of us what kids can do when given the chance to innovate.

In this weeks show, we covered a wide range of topics including:

  • How did you come up with this idea?
  • Why did you decide to start a startup?
  • How did you bring your team together?
  • What is different about your technology?
  • How did you become part of the Boomtown Accelerator?
  • Why have you decided to open source the technology?
  • What do you say to those who say you don't have enough experience to tackle this big problem?
  • Have you worked with paralyzed users? Results?
  • Who will this technology be able to help?
  • What is the market potential?
  • Is voice control the only system you plan on using?
  • How are you balancing high school and being CEO?
  • What advice would give to another creative high school student who has an idea?
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About Nick Titus:

Nick Titus is the CEO and Co-founder of Myonic Technologies Inc. Myonic has created a wearable device that allows paralyzed users to regain control of their muscle. He founded the company after developing the medical device in his high school engineering lab for a science fair project. He saw the good that this device could bring to people's lives first hand and found a vessle to get this technology in the hands of more people around the world. The Myonic team recently graduated from the Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. Here, they developed their business model, further developed their technology, and experienced the world of entrepreneurship for the first time. In addition to developing their life changing technology, the Myonic team is currently starting their senior year of high school.

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