9 Daily Questions That Will Improve Your Career Success Forever S12 Ep37

I have a morning routine where I run down a set of daily questions that help me stay on track and focused on the right things. These question have come about over my years of learning the hard way.

The inspiration for the questions came from Ben Franklin who asked himself two questions ever day. In the morning, he would ask, “What good shall I do today” and in the evening, he would ask himself, “What good have I done this day?”

I'm a big fan of questions and I'm not along, Albert Einstein reportedly  said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important this is not to stop questioning.”

Here are my 9 daily questions I ask myself ..

9 Daily Questions

  1. What is my biggest strength?
    • Most people don't search for their strength. The focus on what they are good at.
    • Stop doing stuff you hate and find your strength so that you can discover your passion.
  2. Am I having fun?
    • Life isn't always fun.
    • Overall, you need to enjoy what you are doing to be successful.
  3. What pain do I want in my life?
    • Happiness requires struggles.
    • What are you willing to struggle for?
    • The quality of your life is not determined by your positive experiences, but the quality of your negative experiences.
    • What pain do you want to sustain?
  4. What will I do today that will matter one year from now?
    • Need to get our of the minutia and look at the big picture
    • At the top of my daily to-do, I have one (1) big picture item
    • Keep your “eyes” up looking the future and not down getting stuck in the tactics.
  5. Is getting rich worth it?
    • Most people hold the illusion that if they had more money, life would be better.
    • Then they get rich and they aren't happy.
    • If you not happy now, you won't be happy because of money.
  6. What isn't working?
    • Life isn't perfect
    • Make a list of what is most crappy
    • Some of the biggest impact is to take the worst thing at make it ‘ok'.
  7. Why so serious?
    • I tend to go deep when working on a project – and focus on the little things.
    • I'm both a perfectionist and a procrastinator
    • This question gives permission that everything doesn't have to be perfect.
  8. How can I learn from this?
    • We all fail.
    • Successful people learn from their failings.
    • Ask yourself how to turn a failure into a learning experience.
  9. Do I pick partners and friends who support me, challenge me, encourage me and help me grow?
    • We are the average of the five (5) people we spend the most time with
    • Think through the people in your life –
      • Are they helping you grow?
      • Is their life one you would be proud to have as yours?
    • Be selective if who you keep in your inner circle
    • Surround yourself with people based on you ..
      • Common interests
      • You values
      • Things you consider important to your personal growth
      • how you value time, knowledge and friendship
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