FREE Innovation Toolkit Resources

Show Bonus Material Available As A Free Download

We have brought together the free innovation toolkit resources in one place. You are now able to easily download and use the material to build out your collection of innovation tools.

The bonus resources you will receive for your innovation toolkit include:

  • An example of how to create and present an innovation timeline containing future predictions.
  • A checklist to use when scouting innovations from outside your organization.
  • A PDF document with the 6 rules to brainstorming.
  • A guide on how to run a next-generation brainstorming event.
  • A sample stage-gate funding model with a corresponding example of an innovation funnel.
  • A guide on how to use questions to discover new ideas.
  • Expanded innovation roadmap looking at major mega-trends.
  • A series of PDFs on Out Of The Box Thinking – Part 1 and Part 2.
  • A PDF on Inside The Box Thinking.
  • Background and benefit from Box Think.
  • Creating problem statements for Box Think leads to better ideas.

Additional resources that cover the FIRE Innovation Framework

  • PDF that outlines the 4 required elements of an innovation framework.
  • PDF that outlines how to generate more and better ideas
  • PDF that shows how to rank your best ideas
  • PDF that prepares you to execute on your best ideas and turn them into innovations.