Eric Yuan and the Future of Zoom

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is a longtime friend of mine whose leadership has positively impacted countless people. Zoom is a sponsor of the show, and we are honored to have Eric join us to discuss game-changing innovations.

Eric Yuan

During COVID-19, Zoom saw explosive growth from schools, businesses, and individuals alike. Eric attributes two factors to Zoom’s success: the product’s architecture that supports a hybrid model and the ability to increase servers as more traffic arose. If more bandwidth were available, new features would be better, and quality would be higher.

Eric believes increasing bandwidth will be vital to Zoom’s future innovations. Zoom’s original goal was to create a quality video conferencing app, which they accomplished. In the future, Eric wants to transform Zoom into a platform company. He envisions bringing third-party contexts to the interface, such as games and other consumer apps.

Healthcare and Education Innovation

Eric believes Zoom will be able to deliver a better meeting experience than face-to-face meetings. The opportunities are endless, from language translations during business meetings to doctors supporting live surgeries happening overseas. Eric is especially excited about Zoom’s future in telehealth and education. Patients can comfortably receive the care they need when they need it, and this will only improve.

Higher education institutions and K-12 schools leverage Zoom across the world. Eric believes the future of education will be a hybrid model, similar to the future of work. Killer innovations come from the right collaborations, bandwidth, and artificial intelligence integration.

The Future of Work and New Features

Eric believes the future of work is hybrid because it offers employees flexibility and shields them from mental health problems. When Zoom creates new features, they always ask if the features will support a hybrid work system. Different businesses are trying different setups for their hybrid work models. Focusing on making remote workers feel connected is a guiding principle for Zoom’s innovations.

Recently, Zoom announced some exciting new features at Zoomtopia. They announced a live language translation feature. They also announced a Docusign integration and the adoption of other apps into the Zoom ecosystem.

About our Guest: Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan is the billionaire founder of Zoom, a popular video communications tool that took flight during the coronavirus pandemic. Eric was previously one of the founding engineers at WebEx, which Cisco Systems acquired in 2007. He went on to become the VP at Cisco Systems.

Eric is a Chinese native that moved to Silicon Valley in 1997 after eight failed attempts to obtain a visa. Business Insider named Eric one of the most influential people in enterprise technology. In 2018, Glassdoor voted him as the number one CEO of large companies and added him to the Bloomberg 50 Most Influential list.

To know more about about what's in store for Zoom in the future, listen to this week's show: Eric Yuan and the Future of Zoom.

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