Going Beyond The Obvious

This weeks Killer Innovations podcast is ~15 minute segment from a one hour talk I recently gave to the team at PureMatter at their annual team offsite at the Computer History Museum.

workshop for purematter

The topic:  Going Beyond The Obvious

We are faced with the obvious next steps in our daily lives.  But doing the obvious without thinking means doing the same thing everyone else does which means your average.  Average is not a winning strategy.  How do you go beyond the obvious and do the unexpected … do the extraordinary … not be average??  The need to get beyond the obvious is critical not only for innovation and creativity but also for personal career growth.  Doing what everyone else does leaves you in the middle of the pack.  Leaders want people that standout and do great things.

Phil McKinney


Beyond The Obvious - a book by Phil McKinneyTo learn more about how to find ideas that turn into game-changing innovations, read Beyond The Obvious.  Why? Out of habit, we still cling to the “obvious” ideas that were once true in the rapidly receding past. In order to innovate, we need to learn to identify and ignore these “obvious” rules, ideas, or beliefs.  This books is a practical guide on how to go beyond the obvious and consistently generate game-changing innovations.

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