How Has Innovation Changed Over The Last 12 Years? S13 Ep1

Launching Season 13 of the Killer Innovations Show

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It's hard to believe that it was 12 years ago when I released the first episode of Killer Innovations in to the wild. Its been a wild ride. What I find especially interesting is how has innovation changed over the last 12 years.

The original motivation for the show came from my mentor, Bob Davis. Early in my career, Bob put me through his for a executive boot camp which had me rotate through the organization — sales, marketing, engineering, finance, IT and customer support.

It was that experience that laid the foundation for me to be more than just a creator of products — but to see and understand how an organization and teams come together to achieve success in the innovation game.

Later in my career, I asked Bob how I could pay him back for the impact he had on my career. He laughed. He said that I couldn't pay it back but instead I needed to find ways to pay it forward. Thus the idea for the podcast was born.

Bob also introduced me to Earl Nightingale whose tapes and training materials were part of the “Bob Davis boot camp”. The original podcast were modeled after Earl's monthly audio magazine, Insight. You can listen to some old episodes of Insight on Spotify.

Through the years of the podcast, we've experimented with different formats, segments, topics and guests. We were and are constantly innovating a show about innovation.

How has innovation changed?

Innovation has gone through a lot of changes over the 12 years of the show. Such as:

  • In 2005, no one talked about innovation. It wasn't a “thing”. Now days, its the buzzword everyone wants to use.
  • When we started, there were few who called themselves “innovation consultants”. In 2017, you can't go to an event/conference and not run into a crowd of innovation consultants.
  • Back at the launch, the title “Chief Innovation Officer” was rarely used. Now organizations consider appointing a CINO as a status symbol.
  • In the early days, tools to help innovation team succeed where non-existent. Thankfully, we are well supported with great tools from a wide range of vendors.
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What does the future role of innovation look like?

As I've said many time, innovation and creativity are a critical skill that everyone should have in order to succeed.

A recent study has predicted that 47% of all jobs are at risk of being eliminated to automation (artificial intelligence/AI, machine learning, robots, etc). This job elimination will start to accelerate around 2020.

Some are under the false impression that their job could never be eliminated. Any job that is based on the knowledge/information economy is at risk including Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. If you can learn the knoweldge to be successful, so can a robot.

In the future, success will depend on your ability to create “ideas” that others (including AI and the robots) will “do”.

Are you ready to compete and win in the innovation economy?

What's next for the Killer Innovations in Season 13?

With the strong belief that innovation and creativity are a critical skill, I am committed to helping you win in the emerging innovation economy.

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How am I going to help you win?

  • Podcast/Radio Shows: I hope to still being doing the show for another 20 years. In addition, we've formed The Innovators Network and are bringing together other shows that are focused on helping you win.
  • Video Training: We are video taping my upcoming workshops and will make those available as online training. My objective is to make the training accessible to more people who cannot travel to wherever I'm next teaching.
  • Blog: Keep up on my latest thinking over at We will also be launching a blog for The Innovators Network in a few months and are looking for guest bloggers. If you are in the innovation space and have experience and expertise to share, then drop us a note.
  • Community/Mastermind: We are currently testing a “community” to bring together innovators who can support and encourage each other. If you are interested in hearing about it when it launches, then visit the mastermind page and add your email address.


Yes — you can win in the innovation economy if you have the skills and ability to continuously create game-changing ideas. Don't wait. Start now.

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