Human Creativity and AI

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AI has become very popular in the world today. With its transition from a dream to reality, one must wonder what future outcomes will come of it. Is human creativity at the core of AI? Some may wonder whether AI can possess the same creative abilities.

Human Creativity

Human Creativity and AI

Learning and experiences lead to innovation and creation. With every new creation comes inspiration from something else. When it comes to AI, there is a difference between being inspired and being invented. The need for input and experience is key.

AI is composed of training data that recognizes patterns and finds the best solutions. Training data, or machine learning, is vital to the makeup of AI. In the past, the common thought was that humans had a unique advantage over this area. Some instances have said otherwise.

Is Artificial Intelligence growing smarter than humans? That depends on your definition of smarter. Do you define smart by critical thinking skills or IQ? In the case of chess, the key is to recognize patterns and to be able to look at the number of steps ahead. These are two skills that computers have become quite good at through the utilization of machine learning. The question then becomes whether those skills are what we define as smart.

Innovations From AI Technologies

Let’s look at an example of AI from the work of the Associated Press, which generates millions of news stories for several different industries. It utilizes the Wordsmith tool to perform deep learning. As a result, AP outpaces the news outputs of all the major media companies out there combined.

Trained on successful articles that people have written, Wordsmith has a downside. The issue with AP’s process is that there is no specific writing style, lacking human creativity. Instead, the platform produces media based on things like news releases by newscasters or online outlets. As a result, Associated Press’s Wordsmith tool couldn’t write the script for my show or other similar shows. 

In my spare time, I like to write instrumental music. Magenta Studios has an AI plugin that I like experimenting with. This tool offers a simple way to utilize AI to develop something. The use of AI tools like AP’s Wordsmith or Magenta’s plugin conjures up some questions. We can't help but wonder who gets credit for the articles published or music created. 

Can AI Replace Human Creativity?

You may still wonder if AI applications can replace human creativity. You may also wonder if AI can create new ideas leading to killer innovations. I don’t believe AI can replace the unique creativity of humans.

AI utilization is most successful as a tool to enhance ideas. It can be used as an aid to get past the mental block encountered while brainstorming ideas. Human creativity is also evolving as AI grows. Appreciation and experimentation is the key to AI success. I believe AI will play a significant and positive role in our future.

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