Innovating Design And The Changing Role of Designers S12 Ep17

Guest: Seth Taylor (@stotion)

The role of designers and design thinking is impacting every product and service being created. The old days of a product being created and then tossed over the wall to a designer to “wrap it in plastic and make it look nice” are long gone. With the introduction of products like the iPhone and Tesla, customers and companies are raising the importance of design in the overall success of a new innovations. Has there been a revolution in innovating design?

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This weeks guest, Seth Taylor, shares how he has seen the role of deign change of over time andhis passion in typography and logo design. Seth's firm, Stotion, is involved in a wide range of design projects where the clients are looking to transform how their customers experience their new idea.

Topics covered in today's show includes:

  • What is contrast between the old role of design to the way organizations look at today?
  • How does design communicate emotion?
  • Why is typography so overlooked yet so important?
  • How does design play a role in projects not related to 3D/physical product?
  • What role does rapid prototyping play in helping you communicate to your customers the ideas?
  • Is there still opportunity for innovating design?
  • As a long time listener of the show, how have you seen it change?
  • As a designer, what should we consider re-designing about the show?

About Seth Taylor:

Seth’s hair started turning gray at age 13; an early indication of his sage wisdom.

As the founder of Stotion, Seth has championed a powerful approach to design thinking and strategy that embraces business strategy, technological innovation, and behavioral psychology. His unique approach has proven valuable to billion dollar companies such as Google, Samsung and AmericanExpress. Seth’s work has garnered awards from AIGA and his custom fonts and imagery have been licensed by A&E Television Networks, Major League Baseball, and others. When he isn’t working, Seth likes to do even more design work —but he also enjoys collecting entomological treasures and exploring the world with his beloved family.

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