Here Are The 7 Reasons Why Innovations Fail

 Segment 1: Innovation Failure

What are the reasons that innovation efforts fail?

failure from investing in innovation
  1. Innovation for awards and recognition
  2. Meaningless innovation
  3. Non-user driven innovation
  4. Innovation as long as its green
  5. Innovation by committee
  6. Lightspeed innovation
  7. Copycat innovations

Segment 2: Killer Question Of The Week

  • What part of your service offering is under appreciated?  Why?
  • What part of your service offering is over appreciated?  Why?
  • What assumptions does your customer have about your service offering?  Why?
  • How many ideas can you come up with for each assumption if you wanted the opposite to be true?

Segment 3: Closing Thought

“It is high time that the idea of success be replaced by the idea of service” Albert Einstein

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