Innovation By Acquisition


innovation through acquisition

Innovation by Acquisition

Getting your innovation mix correct includes having innovation from M&A’s as part of the innovation strategy.  As with anything, there are pros and cons so go into innovation M&A with your eyes open. There are two types of innovations from M&A:

  • Acquiring a company
  • Purchasing IP (intellectual property such as patents, trade secrets, etc)

In some cases, M&A can allow an organization to become lazy when it comes to innovation.  M&A can lower the risk since the other organization has proven the opportunity, it also has a lower return.  Innovation from mergers and acquisitions needs to be part of the mix rather then the primary way an organizations fills its innovation pipeline.

Innovation Strategy

When M&A is part of the innovation strategy, it can be a great tool to secure a key position in the existing industry (e.g. acquire a competitor with unique IP) or grow into an adjacency (e.g. acquire new skills and expertise needed).

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