Interviewing Robert Scoble (@scobleizer)

For this week’s podcast, I’m turning the tables on reporters. Usually, I’m the one getting interviewed by the press. But for this weeks podcast, I interviewed Robert Scoble. Why? Well, in his own way, he has innovated the way people deliver news and how technology evangelists can be active parts of a company to help get the word out directly to the consumers. He is probably best known for his Scobelizer blog that he started while working at Microsoft. Since then, he and is currently working at Rackspace and working “to build a new community of people fanatical about tech startups,”

Over the course of the podcast, we cover a wide range of topics including…

  • The cycles of jobs in Silicon Valley.
  • Helping his mother build Apple II computers as a child.
  • Working as an employee at HP while in high school, plugging components into motherboards.
  • Robert’s time in junior college and his stalking of Steve Wozniak
  • Robert’s time at Microsoft.
  • His thoughts at some of the trends that you should be keeping your eyes on.
  • … and more …
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