Josh Smith on Healthcare Innovation at Richardson Methodist

Today, we see an emergence of technologies in healthcare. Richardson Methodist Medical Center is at the helm of breakthrough medical innovations. Josh Smith joins us to discuss his work at the medical center around cardiology and electrophysiology.

Healthcare Innovation

Technology Breakthroughs and Challenges

Technology has allowed physicians and scientists to explore sub-specialties of specialties like cardiology. Josh is a cardiologist specializing in electrophysiology, the study of the heart's conduction, and correct abnormal heart rhythms.

Fifty years ago, there wasn't a lot that cardiologists could do to help those with heart issues. Partnerships between physicians and companies aided in accelerating healthcare innovation. Due to these partnerships, many of the technologies created are available to consumers. One ongoing challenge for hospital systems is acquiring technology and staying up to date with it.

Eight years ago, at the Cable Labs, the healthcare industry asked us to create a cable lab. We had to get the hospitals and the manufactures to work together to standardize the operation. This task was very complicated because it required several different components to work together.

Josh has noticed how more people are now researching the health issues they are having. The availability of information empowers people to do their research. Growing up, my mom would avoid the doctor at all costs, but with personalized healthcare, there is now so much good that can be done.

The evolution of technology has opened up the door for life-changing treatment. My dad had a severe heart issue in the 1970s, and the technology at the time left him in the hospital for three or four days. Now, top cardiologists can perform certain operations in ten minutes. Years ago, Josh had a pain in his chest and went to get it checked. It turned out he had a blockage and had to get two stints. He is thankful that he went because he protected his heart for the long term. None of this would have been possible if it weren't for innovators in the medical field.

Richardson Methodist Medical Center

People often think that all innovation happens in Silicon Valley. In reality, there are innovators all over the U.S and all around the world. The people at Richardson Methodist Medical are doing some groundbreaking innovations. A typical open-heart surgery would take seven to ten days. At Richard Methodist Medical Center, a device bypasses that process.

About four years ago, the medical center launched the TAVR Program, which deploys a valve within your heart's valve, resulting in the valve functioning again. This procedure drastically improves the lives of those suffering from heart issues. The outcome of this healthcare innovation is truly amazing.

Future Healthcare Innovation

Currently, pacemakers have a life of 7-10 years. Innovators in the medical world are currently working on making chargeable pacemakers, which Josh is excited about. Josh is also excited about the possibility of 3D-printed organs and things of that nature. Dean Kamen, who was previously on the show, is currently creating that technology with his team.

Josh is also really excited about the potential of telehealth. Due to COVID, telehealth accelerated, and I believe it will continue to grow. Josh thinks the next big one will be something related to telehealth when it comes to healthcare consumer devices.

About our Guest: Josh Smith

Josh Smith is a U.S Army Veteran and an Invasive Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist, and Radiologist at Methodist Richardson Medical Center in Richardson, Texas. Josh joined the team at Methodist Richardson Medical Center in 2015 and is passionate about advancing healthcare innovation through technology and evidence-based practice.

To know more about the innovations in healthcare at Richardson Methodist Medical Center, listen to this week's show: Josh Smith on Healthcare Innovation at Richardson Methodist.

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