Kid Entrepreneurs: A 10 Year Old Who Is Franchising His Idea S12 Ep14

Guest: Jack Bonneau (@jackbonneau)

As a kid, I would setup a lemonade stand to try to make enough money to maybe go the movie or buy some candy. How times have changed. Kid entrepreneurs are not settling for a few bucks in their pocket. They are taking entrepreneurial opportunities by the horns and creating real businesses with real income and as a result, contributing to the economy.

Kid Entrepreneurs

In this weeks show, I interview Jack Bonneau, who is the founder and CEO of Jack's Stands and Marketplace. He is 10 years old! What started as a way to make enough money to buy a Lego Star Wars Deathstar had turned into 6 stands that operate at farmer’s markets and malls around Colorado. He is also about to launch his first stand in downtown Detroit. And he didn't stop there. He has also setup Jack's Marketplace where he markets and sells products created by other kid entrepreneurs as a way for kids to help kids be successful as entrepreneurs.

The topics we covered:

  • What is Jack's Stands?
  • How did Jack get started?
  • What did he learn going from idea to being ready to open his first stand?
  • What is Jack's Marketplace?
  • How did it start?
  • What's the best part of Jack's Stands and Marketplace?
  • What are your growth plans?
  • Are there other kid entrepreneurs who are doing exciting things?
  • Who are your hero's/inspirations?
  • What have you learned from operating Jack's Stands and Marketplace?
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Fourth Segment: Creative Kids

In the fourth segment, I shared my recent experience in Warsaw, Poland vising to coderdojo where they teach kids (ranging from 7 to 17 years old) how to code. While there, I did a Facebook Live video of the coderdojo so that you can see the kids and the projects they are working on.  These types of programs (including what Jack is doing by creating the entrepreneurial experience for other kids) are key to helping kids discover and unlock their creative and innovation skills that will be critical for their future success in the innovation/creative economy.

About Jack Bonneau:

Jack Bonneau is founder and CEO of Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces. He is ten years old and a sixth-grader at STEM Magnet Lab School in Northglenn, CO. Bonneau’s mission with Jack’s Stands, which he started in summer 2014, is to inspire and provide kids the opportunity to operate their own drink stands, sell their own products in real marketplaces, and have the same experiences he’s had in entrepreneurship, business, financial literacy, and life skills such as confidence building and being social. Bonneau is a black belt in Wado-Ryu Karate, plays the piano, likes school and math, and enjoys his family, friends, and dog Curtsy.

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Listen to this week's show, Kid Entrepreneurs: A 10 Year Old Who Is Franchising His Idea S12 Ep14.

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