Kym McNicholas and the Extreme Tech Challenge S11 Ep37

Co-host: Kym McNicholas (@kymbee)

In this weeks show, Kym McNicholas joins Phil to share her surprise and enthusiasm for Colorado, and specifically the Boulder, start-up scene along with sharing her work with Sir Richard Branson and the Extreme Tech Challenge.

Some of the topics the two cover include:

  • Kym reveals some surprises on Phil and his “personal time” activities and his secret weapon at trade shows
  • Colorado and the Boulder start-up scene
  • The difference between the startup culture in Colorado and Silicon Valley
  • The Extreme Tech Challenge and Sir Richard Branson's involvement
  • Discuss the process to select the top 25 out of thousands of companies submitted
  • Discuss the 5 in the top 25 companies that are from Colorado
  • Kym and Phil's share their favorites of the top 25 companies in this years Extreme Tech Challenge

You can listen to the audio for the December 6th show.

The top 25 companies in this years Extreme Tech Challenge are:

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Note: No killer question this week.

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