Most Downloaded Episode of 2021

With the start of a new year, let’s look back at the most downloaded episode of 2021.

most downloaded episode

The Most Downloaded Episode of 2021

As an innovation leader, I encounter loads of information every day. I like to use tools that capture/organize this information and bring it together in a way that’s easy to access. I need these tools to be accessible on an iPhone, Android, laptop, and iPad. Here are the five tools I use which fit my criteria:

The Value of My Favorite Innovation Tools

I like to separate my tools into categories like information collection, organization/combination, and the serendipity effect. I used to use Moleskine notebooks for collection, but now I use the reMarkable 2 tablet. It’s similar to writing on paper. All my information is sent to my phone and desktop for storage. I also like using the Kindle Oasis to highlight and save information that I find important or interesting. I use when I am running ideation sessions. This tool acts as an AI-powered assistant, recording and transcribing meetings and other meaningful conversations.

I listen to many audiobooks and podcasts, hardcover books, and online articles. I need a tool that can gather all that information and synthesize it. That is where Readwise comes into play. This tool does all that and pinpoints things I may have missed initially, triggering serendipity. I like to pair Readwise with a tool called Roam Research, which organizes and makes connections between the information Readwise collects.

To know more about my favorite innovation tools, listen to this week's show: Most Downloaded Episode of 2021

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