Observation Skills – Find the unspoken needs and wants of customers

Using observation skills to find the unspoken needs and wants of customers.

observation skills to discover the unspoken needs and wants of your customers
  • Simple approach – Use feedback from customers (complaints, emails, etc)
  • Go deeper
    • Active Observation – get our of the chair/office and go to where the customers are
    • Active Reflection – after the observation, go back and dig deeper in the information you gathered
  • Use empathic (observational) design
    • In-the-world observations (home, office, where the customers are)
    • Trend Safari
  • Ethnographic Studies
    • Study of customers as a social group
      • Customer segmentation/persona
      • Structure of the customer tribe
      • Wishes/desires of the tribe
      • Fears/concerns of the tribe
    • Observation of the tribe
  • Practice helps improve your observation skills
    • People watching
      • Are they alone?
      • Are they an organized individual?
      • Are they married?/Do they have kids?
      • Are they a shopper or a buyer?
    • Friends – in-house observations
      • What is their task in music and art?
      • What are their priorities (exercise, hobbies,etc)?
      • Is there a gap between their professional and personal personas?
    • For the above:
      • What tribe do they belong to?
      • Who else do you know is in the same tribe?
      • How big do you think that tribe is?
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