Observation Skills – Find the unspoken needs and wants of customers

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Using observation skills to find the unspoken needs and wants of customers.

observation skills to discover the unspoken needs and wants of your customers
  • Simple approach – Use feedback from customers (complaints, emails, etc)
  • Go deeper
    • Active Observation – get our of the chair/office and go to where the customers are
    • Active Reflection – after the observation, go back and dig deeper in the information you gathered
  • Use empathic (observational) design
    • In-the-world observations (home, office, where the customers are)
    • Trend Safari
  • Ethnographic Studies
    • Study of customers as a social group
      • Customer segmentation/persona
      • Structure of the customer tribe
      • Wishes/desires of the tribe
      • Fears/concerns of the tribe
    • Observation of the tribe
  • Practice helps improve your observation skills
    • People watching
      • Are they alone?
      • Are they an organized individual?
      • Are they married?/Do they have kids?
      • Are they a shopper or a buyer?
    • Friends – in-house observations
      • What is their task in music and art?
      • What are their priorities (exercise, hobbies,etc)?
      • Is there a gap between their professional and personal personas?
    • For the above:
      • What tribe do they belong to?
      • Who else do you know is in the same tribe?
      • How big do you think that tribe is?

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