One Dimensional Innovations


Segment 1: One Dimensional Innovations – Getting out of the innovation rut

  • “One Dimensional Innovations” are when you are stuck in a rut and focusing your innovation efforts in the same area as your competitors
  • Why is it so hard?
  • People tend to focus the innovations in areas where they think they are getting measured (customer,press reviews, etc)
  • Its not about results but about innovating in the portion of the value chain that your competitors are not.
  • So .. what can you do??
  1. Research and understand your value chain (your supply chain is only a portion of your value chain)
  2. Look for ideas that attack multiple steps in the value chain not normally looked at by your competitors
  3. Look for ideas that eliminate steps in the value chain
  4. Look for ideas that add/replace steps in the value chain that customers will value and compensate your for
  5. Rank your ideas against your customers un-spoken needs and wants

Segment 2: Killer Question

What are the spoken and un-spoken assumptions that your business and/or industry operate under?

What is the default value chain your business and/or industry operate under?

Segment 3: Listener Question

How do you find help with an idea? (submitted by “Clay”)

  • Avoid the “for fee” companies that want to charge you evaluating your idea and possibly securing you a license for your idea.  They are not worth their time.
  • Can I help??  I’m swamped with my current job – but feel free to send me an email and I will try to respond (no promises)
  • Search our a local mentor
    • Someone who has had some success in translating and idea into market success
    • They have local knowledge, expertise and contacts
  • Take the idea to your customers for validation
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