Overcoming Innovation Block and How To Prevent Innovation

Dateline: Sunnyvale, CA

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Segment 1: Overcoming Innovation Block

  • Random word/picture
  • Sketch/Draw
  • Scan the Idea Folder
  • STOP — Let the unconscious take-over
  • Read/Watch/Do Something Different — Break the “habit”
  • Look at history

Segment 2: How To Prevent Innovation

  1. Hire employees looking for safety in their roles
  2. Hire incompetent employees
  3. Keep salaries below the 75th percentile
  4. Read The Ten Faces of Innovation and keep them out of your organization
  5. Treat Employees like garbage
  6. Reward conservative and marginal successes
  7. Micromanage
  8. Only create customer-requested features
  9. Make performance reviews easy
  10. Build a kingdom

If you want to ignite innovation, ignite the creativity of you people — then have the courage to do the opposite of these rules.

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Segment 3: Killer Question Of The Week

Segment 4: Closing Thoughts

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