Overcoming The Mid-project Blues and a new creativity exercise


Segment 1: Overcoming the Mid-Project Blues

  • Project go through three phases
  • How do you overcome?
    • Remind yourself why you started the project (e.g. go back to you notebooks and re-live the start)
    • Take break … go on vacation
    • Come up with new ideas for the project (e.g. develop the plans for after launch)

Segment 2: Listener Question

“I’m a creative person.  How do I get a job that is a better fit?”

Segment 3: Creativity Exercise 

For this exercise, you will need:

  • – Paper or something else to write on (e.g. index cards)
  • – Pen or pencil
  • – A stop watch or egg timer


  • – imagine you were just given a pen made of clear plastic
  • – There is one issue – it has no ink.
  • – In one minute, how many ideas can you come up with?

The most I’ve seen is about a dozen or so ….. all in one minute.

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