10 Inventions I Would Uninvent

If only innovations that had unintended negative consequences could be uninvented, we can fix our mistakes. Let’s look at a list of past innovations that I would uninvent if I could. The Invention of Robocalls The first invention that I would like to uninvent is robocalls. These calls include anything from selling automobile maintenance contracts […]

10 Inventions I Would Uninvent

Why Creative Expression is Important

We often wonder if people will accept our ideas or criticize them. This fear can halt us from utilizing our creative expression, which ultimately affects how we innovate. When our creativity is encouraged, it can have a positive impact. Creative Expression When coming up with new ideas, early encouragement gives you the motivation to repeat them. […]

Creative Expression

What is the Biggest Killer of Creativity?

We all struggle with being creative from time to time. We may feel like we have lost something, and nothing seems to spark that creative flow. What is killing your creativity? Your ego is the biggest killer of creativity. The struggle tends to become an issue for people in the middle and later years of […]

What is the Biggest Killer of Creativity?

5 Tools I Use for Innovation and Creativity

I enjoy reading as well as listening to podcasts and audible books. With all the information I come across, I have to capture, organize, and recall to use them. I’m currently working on a new book as well as some disruptive innovation courses and workshops. The real challenge for me is finding a single tool […]

Tools for Innovation

Transcribing Your Brainstorm with Otter.ai | Interview with Sam Liang

Sam Liang is one of the key innovators behind the scenes in Silicon Valley. He is one of the founders of Google’s location services and is on the Google Blue Dot patent. He is the co-founder and CEO of Otter.ai, which specializes in live transcription services. Sam Liang’s Background Sam Liang earned his Ph.D. at […]

Sam Liang Otter.ai Transcription

3 Types of Innovation – Institutional – Social – Technological

We will pick up from the previous show’s topic, “What is Innovation?” and talk about innovation types. There are three types that I use. These are institutional innovation, social innovation, and technological innovation. Type of Innovation: Institutional Institutional innovation is the type that is most commonly overlooked by organizations. Institutional innovation applies to organizations, teams, […]

Type of Innovation – Institutional – Social – Technological

What is Innovation?

Innovation is a  term often abused through advertising, marketing, and business meetings. Innovation means to introduce something new. A more expansive definition of innovation is — the result of a multi-stage process whereby organizations, teams, and individuals take an idea and transform it to make an improved product, service, or process to compete in the […]

CES 2021 – A Virtual Innovation

The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES) will be fully digital due to COVID-19. The show will be available online and in seventeen different languages, a virtual innovation to say the least. If you are registered, you get thirty days to view all of the available content. Karen Chupka, the Executive Vice President of CES, joins […]

Virtual Innovation

Innovation Books | My Library of Inspiration

Building a library of inspiration in your innovation studio is what ensures you have a ready source of ideas. This inspiration library can come in the form of a collection of innovation books. I am a visual learner, so reading books is where I often find my inspiration. I am going to walk you through […]

Innovation Books

How I Turned my Podcast into a Book and Radio Show

This episode is the last of Killer Innovations as a radio show. Not an easy decision, but as part of our drive for innovation, we believe this is the best decision. We will discuss the show’s history, my book and radio show deal, and what Killer Innovations will look like moving forward. Making the Switch […]

Radio Show