How to Become the Innovation Challenger

A challenger is someone who ignores old thought patterns, doesn’t let others hold them back, and confronts the dominant player. In the story of David and Goliath, David defeated the giant because he approached him differently. As an organization, you need to think differently to challenge a well-accepted market leader. Challengers fight smarter, with focus […]


Elastic Innovation – A Needed Innovation Capability

Innovating in the face of the unexpected can stretch the most decisive innovation leader. COVID taught us that flexibility and adaptability is the name of the game. This is especially true within an organization’s innovation efforts. A new capability is needed to respond to these disruptive shock situations effectively. I call this capability “elastic innovation,” or the […]

Elastic Innovation

Unexpected Way to Predict the Future

In past episodes, I’ve discussed science fiction stories as tools to predict the future. H.G Wells wrote about atomic bombs and the fallout – thirty years before Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In 1968, John Brunner predicted the European Union, China’s rise to power, and Detroit’s economic downfall.   You can probably take any existing technology and find […]

Predict the Future

Achieving Success by Pivoting Your Innovation

To me, pivoting is making a significant change in direction. Many people are not aware that some of today’s products result from a pivot. We’ll look at seven companies that made meaningful, significant changes resulting in ultimate success. Achieving Success by Pivoting Your Innovation PayPal started as a digital “I owe you” platform. Today, it is a […]

Pivoting Pivot

Innovation Inspiration is Everywhere

Let’s talk about some non-obvious sources of my innovation inspiration. Recently, we spoke about seeing with fresh eyes and how important that practice is. Fresh eyes need innovation inspiration to guide them towards that next game-changing innovation. The Power of Unexpected Conversations The first source of my innovation inspiration is unexpected conversations. I like to […]

Innovation Inspiration

Overcoming Innovation Regrets

Regret is one of those emotions that can derail your future success. As innovators, regrets can be things like someone else launching an idea you had before you were able to execute it. Today, I will share three of my innovation regrets and how to move past them to continue achieving success. My First Innovation […]

Innovation Regrets

Is Hyper-Adoption of Innovation a Competitive Advantage?

Previously we talked about innovation adoption and the importance of getting across the innovation adoption curve. Let’s shift our conversation to innovation adoption as a competitive advantage. There is a new category of innovation adoption that is on the rise. This category is known as the hyper-adoption of innovation. The category describes the propensity to […]


Why is The Innovation Adoption Curve Important?

Once you’ve developed an excellent breakthrough innovation, the next step is figuring out how to get it adopted. Innovators have created numerous helpful models over the years, but most use the innovation adoption model. The Innovation Adoption Curve The innovation adoption model is the framework that lays out the audience, such as the late adopters or […]

Innovation Adoption

Finding Creative Ideas with Fresh Eyes

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in the innovation game as long as I have. I’ve been thinking of creative ideas, inventing, launching services, and teaching others to do the same for many years. While this experience is good, it can sometimes be hurtful. Finding yourself doing the same thing over and over again […]

Creative Ideas

Creating Time for Innovation

Last week, I wrapped up a workshop I was teaching innovation leaders on the 7 laws of innovation. At the end of every workshop or session I teach, I conduct an “AMA” or ask me anything time. There seems to be a recurring question I get from leaders who have taken the Innovation Bootcamp and the […]

Creating Time for Innovation