I've only just got into listening to podcasts, and stumbled upon this by accident. How lucky was that? I am busily working my way through them all trying to get up to date. Maybe a refresher/newbie podcast would be good for new subscribers to quickly run through some of the key topics at a high level. Keep up the good work!    Chris

Wow!!! Great stuff. Phil's podcasts are thought provoking and provide his insights on how to create processes to promote creativity for innovation. My only beef– he gives one of his 75 “killer questions” for spurring creativity at the end of each podcasts. These are great little nuggets that I wish he  would post on his website–Great marketing on his part. I need to listen to each of his podcasts to get the cheese. Clever.     Bill71

Just listened to the fast prototyping episode. Thanks for doing your research. I'm sure its time consuming, but it makes the content MUCH better. I've really enjoyed both this podcast and the others on tech. Its great to hear so many topical shows that don't drone on and on mindlessesly about the same thing. Keep up the good work.     Brian

I enjoyed the presentation of Biomimicry and it made me think about the self assembly of the Abalone with that of building roads. For decades, we have been transporting hydrocarbons from far away places and placing them on dirt to become roadway surfaces in the form of asphalt. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find an organism that would suck the pollution out of the air and have it organically arrange itself into a self healing roadway surface? It might take me a week or two… but I'm working on it!     John