Resource Constraints Impact On Innovation


Any time I’ve given team all of the resources they’ve asked for, the projects have turned out to be uninspiring. Why?  Because we solve the task using the what has worked in the past.  By placing constraints on the resources (time, money, man-power, etc), you force the team to look at the problem in a unique a different way.  That’s where human ingenuity kicks-in since they team has to drop what’s worked in the past and find a new way.  That’s innovation.

Segment 1: Resource Constraints

We all get caught in a “rut” when it comes to our thinking

  • what customer want
  • how long will it take to complete the project
  • how many people will it take
  • how much will it cost

By forcing constraints, you can force the team to change its assumptions

  • Bring focus
  • Forces to look differently at the options
  • Search for alternatives that fit within th constraints

Challenge the team

  • Define a budgt constraint
  • Place a constraint on the team size
  • Set a deadline

Segment 2: Killer Question

  • What would it take to make my product at half the cost?
  • How could I cut the development time in half?
  • How can I deliver the industry leading value chain for 50% less?

Segment 3: Closing Thoughts

“A foolish consistancy is the hobgoblin of little minds.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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