How To Succeed Leading Innovation In Your Organization S12 Ep28

Real-world experiences in leading innovation

Leading innovation is one of the hardest roles I've ever had in my career. With that said, it is also one of the most exciting and satisfying which is what keeps me in the game. So what does it take succeed in an innovation leadership role?

In this weeks show, I share some real-world experiences in what it takes to lead innovation inside an organization that may or may-not be that well aligned on innovation.

So what does it take? To succeed, either in the role you have or the role you want in the future, you need to have the foundational behaviors of an innovative leader. The following list is from a recent blog post on innovation leadership.

9 Leadership Behaviors for Leading Innovation

Simply stating you are want an innovative culture, accepting forward-thinking employees and creating procedures focused on innovation is a great starting point for innovation, but it is not enough to establish it at an institutional level. To get there, leadership has to take a more active role. What are the behaviors that innovation leaders must live each day?

  1. Innovative Leaders Have a Vision of the Future
  2. Innovative Leaders Establish Trust
  3. Innovative Leaders Challenge the Status Quo
  4. Innovative Leaders Possess Expertise
  5. Innovative Leaders Set Aspirational Goals
  6. Innovative Leaders Move Quickly
  7. Innovative Leaders Crave Information
  8. Innovative Leaders Excel at Teamwork
  9. Innovative Leaders Value Diversity and Inclusion

Behaviors are not enough. We need to constantly challenge ourselves to avoid falling into a rut. How? By constantly asking ourselves questions that force us to take a hard look at ourselves as current or potential innovation leaders.

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7 Questions Innovation Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Are you ready to lead innovation in your organization? There  are several questions you can should yourself to see where you stand and what you should work on.

These questions include:

  1. Am I involved at the ground level with my team?
  2. Do I protect my organization’s innovation resources?
  3. Have I clearly laid out my goals?
  4. Am I encouraging teamwork throughout my organization?
  5. How’s my attitude?
  6. Do I understand my team members’ strengths?
  7. How much confidence do I have in myself and the members of my team?

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