Six Innovation Skills Everyone Needs

What are the innovation skills needed to be successful in creating new ideas and products? Many people often find themselves void of creativity in the innovation world. This stems from a deeper issue. On today’s show, we will go through in more detail what innovation skills separate those that have limited success to those that […]

Innovation Skills

8 Ways To Deal With Innovation Antibodies Who are Blocking You S12 Ep10

Answering Listener Questions

Everywhere you turn, there seems to be someone who is blocking you from making progress on your idea. These innovation antibodies seems to have one more reason as to why your idea won’t work. In this weeks Killer Innovations Show, we are answering a listener question on how to deal with these innovation antibodies. Here […]

8 Ways To Deal With Innovation Antibodies Who are Blocking You

Doing The Impossible S11 Ep18

“It’s kind of fun doing the impossible” ~ Walt Disney Doing The Impossible Have you ever felt like you did something that others said couldn’t be done? There is not better feeling than completing something that the antibodies said couldn’t be done. Even when they try to use government regulations as a roadblock. When you look […]

doing the impossible

How To Fight The Innovation Antibodies And Win

The antagonist of the innovator is the corporate antibody. Much like antibodies in our immune system attack and destroy foreign objects that might harm the body, “antibodies” in your organization identify and neutralize forces that threaten to destabilize a company. And in much the same way as antibodies can damage the very thing they seek to protect […]

Overcoming Innovation Block and How To Prevent Innovation

Dateline: Sunnyvale, CA Segment 1: Overcoming Innovation Block Random word/picture Sketch/Draw Scan the Idea Folder STOP — Let the unconscious take-over Read/Watch/Do Something Different — Break the “habit” Look at history Segment 2: How To Prevent Innovation Hire employees looking for safety in their roles Hire incompetent employees Keep salaries below the 75th percentile Read […]

innovation block wall antibodies