Innovation Bootcamp – How To Win In The Emerging Creative Economy

To win in the highly competitive markets of today, we need to win in the emerging creative economy. Key to this success is helping our teams re-discover their natural ability to be highly creative. Today’s show is the audio from a keynote speech I gave at the Business Alliance Bootcamp for growing companies and entrepreneurs […]

Innovation Bootcamp

Creative Thinking: The Critical Skill For The Creative Economy S12 Ep18

Live Speech On Creative Thinking As A Skill

Creative thinking is a critical skill for personal, professional and business success. When you look at others who have been highly successful, such as Elon Musk, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, the common skill they have is a well exercised skill of creative thinking. Creative thinking is the fuel to everything you do. Creative Thinking According […]

Toys That Help Nurture And Encourage Creative Kids S11 Ep36

Guest: Vitali Minin (@modulartoys)

In this weeks episode, we take a look at toys that help our kids to discover their own creative ability. With the emerging creative economy, creativity is quickly becoming a foundational skill that everyone will need to have to succeed and where better to start than with our kids creativity. What’s the secret to creative kids? We […]

creative kids

Using your internships as reverse mentoring of you and your team S11 Ep26

[social align=”center”] Internships and Reverse Mentoring Summer is long over and now we are getting into the fall. This time of year always makes me look back on the summer internships. I’m a big believer in “internships” as a way for people to “learn”. Each summer, we bring in interns across a wide range of disciplines: technical, […]

STEAM Science Technology Art and Math

Why is Sharing so Important to Innovation? S11 Ep23

Sharing is Critical for Innovation [social align=”center”] I regularly get emails from innovators looking for advice or feedback on an idea and most are very appreciative. Some of those have resulted in major new products – and a few cases — a surprise of stock windfall since the start-up couldn’t afford to pay me. Why would I […]

Sharing is critical for innovation

10 Infrastructure Requirements For The Creative Economy

There is an emerging creating economy that will transform our economic foundations, our careers and even what we should be teaching our kids. There are some fundamental infrastructure requirements that need to be in place for the creative economy. What are they? Segment 1: 10 Infrastructure Requirements For The Creative Economy Establish innovation friendly education […]

innovation infrastructure innovation economy