Fighting The Innovation Straitjacket: Innovating Inside Large Organizations S11 Ep33

Innovating inside large organizations can be challenging in the best of circumstances. So how do you go about getting leaders inside of established large companies and organizations get it when it comes to creativity and innovation and be successful? How do you get out of the innovation straitjacket? Topics covered in this week show include: What […]

Innovating inside large organizations is like having am Innovation Straitjacket

Inventing Unique Broadband Solutions For Emerging Countries

Innovation can truly change the world but only if the world can access them. One key innovation is broadband. This week, we dive into a new innovation that is bringing mobile broadband access to the rural and developing countries.  We cover such topics as: Dealing with two different types of innovation antibodies The economic challenge of […]

mobile broadband in Africa

Interview with Dr Vanu Bose of Vanu Inc

Dr. Vanu Bose, Ph.D., is the Founder of Vanu Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Dr. Bose is the principal inventor of the software radio technology that serves as the basis of Vanu Inc.’s products. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Jumpstart, a non-profit focused on early childhood […]

vanu bose ceo of vanu inc.

How to go from invention to innovation to commercialization S11 Ep31

In this episode, we discussed the process (and challenges) of going from invention, to innovation and then ultimately to commercialization.  The question covered: What are the three attributes of a great innovation roadmap? Why are good requirements so critical for successful innovation and commercialization efforts? Can you create metrics that are meaningful for innovation? Is […]

commercializing ideas

Interview with Tom Cellucci

Tom appeared on the Oct 25th show. Dr. Tom Cellucci has been a senior executive in both the private and public sectors for over 32 years. He served as the US Government’s first-ever Chief Commercialization Officer, working for both President Bush and President Obama. Tom leads a successful management consulting firm, Cellucci Associates, Inc., based […]

Thomas Cellucci

What Kind Of Culture Leads To Innovation Success?

Guest: Dr Natalie Baumgartner / RoundPegg

Culture is critical for teams and organizations looking to be have significant innovation impact. Based on working across large, small, non-profit and government agencies, I’ve discovered what are a common set of four culture attributes in organizations that were highly innovative. We validate these and other attributes that make-up culture for an organization with this weeks […]

innovation culture

Innovating A Brand: The Do’s Don’ts and Pitfalls

[social align=”center”] When someone says innovation, most default to products or services but innovation can be applied to anything. In this weeks, show, we will take a look at innovating a brand. Our guest, Michael Mendenhall, will share his thoughts and experience in successful brand innovation. This Weeks Guest: Michael Mendenhall – CMO for Flextronics […]

diamonds De Beers

A Look Inside A Next Generation Startup Accelerator S11 Ep28

This weeks show takes a look at Boomtown – a next generation startup accelerator that has greatly improved the accelerator model. Boomtown startups currently enjoy a 96% survival rate and 78% of them are generating revenues. Guest: Toby Krout of Boomtown Toby Krout is an entrepreneur, investor, and startup coach. He co-founded Boomtown, a startup […]

Boomtown Startup Accelerator

The difference between a good idea and a great idea is the timing S11 Ep25

What goes into creating an idea that can impact 100’s of million of people? If I polled most people they would say it’s the “idea”. The core of the “idea” is table stakes but it does not guarantee success. Others would say PR and marketing. While PR and marketing are important – it does not guarantee success. So what are we […]

get the timing right

Bill Geiser On The Innovation Of Wearables

Bill Geiser is a smartwatch pioneer with 20+ years focus on wearables & smartwatch innovation. He is a serial entrepreneur / intrapreneur with a talent for identifying lucrative, market opportunities and the ability to harvest them evidenced by the fact that he founded two technology start ups acquired by publicly-traded firms. His most recent company he founded […]

MetaWatch CEO