Do Faster Release Cycles Hurt Innovation?

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Have you noticed that there is a constant cycle of new product releases? Organizational quarterly results often drive these releases. Cars, smartphone devices, home automation products, applications all follow this pattern of release cycles. I believe the fear of being left behind is what draws people to upgrades. They don’t want to pull out an […]

Do faster release cycles hurt innovation?

9 Skills You Need To Become A World-Class CTO S12 Ep25

Skills To Succeed In The Executive Suite

Many have the dream of making it into the CxO (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, etc) suite. What skills and abilities does it take to be in position to become a world-class CTO? During the time I was CTO at Hewlett-Packard, what where the skills and abilities I had – and which are the ones I […]

Corporate Corruption Of Innovation

Segment 1: Corporate Corruption Of Innovation Phases of corporate adoption of innovation Ignore – hope that it goes away It’s for others – not an issue for us Maybe its something we should look into URGENT – We are behind Chief Innovation Officers does not equal innovation How do you know if an organization is […]