4 Leadership Struggles I Had to Overcome

Many leaders act as if the point they’ve reached in their careers was easy to reach. This week on the Killer Innovations show, I will be discussing the various struggles all leaders face and how to counteract them. From my perspective, as I progressed throughout my career, I ran into many different struggles. These struggles […]


7 Laws of Innovation and Benefitting from Coaching Insights

Laws of Innovation Why do some organizations have better innovation than others?  Over the years I have collected what I call the “7 Immutable Laws of Innovation.”  No single organization could be successful in all of these laws but there are always opportunities to improve.  Let’s get started with the laws of Innovation.   Law […]

Laws of Innovation

The 8 Things Your Innovation Leader Should Bring To Your Organization S13 Ep18

This is for CxO’s or those who want to eventually be a CxO. How are you thinking about innovation within your organization? What are you doing to ensure that you have the right innovation leader in place? Why Is Innovation Important? A recent McKinsey & Company surveyed more than 2,000 executives and asked how important is […]

Innovation Culture Requires That We Get Along With Others S13 Ep6

David Packard's simple rule for getting along with others

Culture is hard and creating and maintaining an innovation culture is even harder. One of the challenges for creating a culture of innovation within an organization is our ability to get along with others. Innovation is about constant change which is uncomfortable and stressful. The result is that some individuals/groups will not respond and actually become quite negative […]

What Kind Of Culture Leads To Innovation Success?

Guest: Dr Natalie Baumgartner / RoundPegg

Culture is critical for teams and organizations looking to be have significant innovation impact. Based on working across large, small, non-profit and government agencies, I’ve discovered what are a common set of four culture attributes in organizations that were highly innovative. We validate these and other attributes that make-up culture for an organization with this weeks […]

innovation culture

Interview with Dr. Natalie Baumgartner of RoundPegg

Natalie appeared on the Oct 18, 2015 episode of the radio show. Dr. Natalie Baumgartner is a Co-Founder and the Chief Psychologist at RoundPegg. RoundPegg is The Culture and Engagement Platform for all companies. We strive to make it possible for people to fit and thrive where they work. With Culture Science at it’s core, […]

Roundpegg Innovation Culture

5 Innovation Blind Spots That Nokia and Kodak Overlooked

When the mantra “innovate or die” is invoked, two companies who are often mentioned as examples are Nokia and Kodak. But in what ways, exactly, did these two companies fail to innovate? and what lessons can we learn from their failures? Here are 5 innovation blind spots that I identified that ultimately doomed them to […]

Do You Have A Culture Of Innovation?

Culture of Innovation Culture is one of those things that is hard to quantify.  When I ask executives about their culture, they are confident that they have a culture that encourages innovation.  In most cases, these same executives project their wishes for their culture and not the reality. Culture is enabled by people and their […]

a culture of innovation

Corporate Corruption Of Innovation

Segment 1: Corporate Corruption Of Innovation Phases of corporate adoption of innovation Ignore – hope that it goes away It’s for others – not an issue for us Maybe its something we should look into URGENT – We are behind Chief Innovation Officers does not equal innovation How do you know if an organization is […]