Richardson Innovation Quarter (IQ)

Joining us are three guests who lead innovation efforts in Richardson, Texas, known for the “Telecom Corridor.” The Richardson Innovation Quarter (IQ) lies within the city, a 1,200 acre area where innovative companies and entrepreneurs collaborate. The Richardson Innovation Quarter Paul Voelker has been in the Richardson, Texas area for over thirty years. To Paul, being mayor is […]

Richardson Innovation Quarter

Playing Personality Poker with Your Innovation Team

This week’s guest is involved in the innovation game for as long as I’ve been around. Stephen Shapiro is a leading speaker and author on innovation, who previously lead a 20,000-person innovation practice at Accenture. We will discuss creativity, reframing questions, and how diverse personalities can come together to create a thriving innovation team. Creativity […]

Innovation Team

Does neural diversity hiring impact your innovation success? S11 Ep22

When I look back over my career and reflect about all of the people I’ve crossed paths with such as former bosses, former team members and former members of my innovation teams — the one of the key characteristics was breadth and depth of the “diversity”. Now you may be thinking I’m talking about the HR definition of diversity. In […]

Neural Diversity Hiring Helps Innovation