Using 30-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity S13 Ep7

Guest: Noah Scalin

In June 2007, after finding himself creatively drained,  Noah started a personal project — Skull-A-Day. This yearlong art project’s objectives was to create challenges that would jumpstart his personal creative energy.  What started out as a personal project ended up transforming his creative future. The project went viral and became an Internet sensation which led to a […]

How do you find inspiration? S11 Ep24

Innovation Needs Inspiration [social align=”center”] Every August, I host an annual event for about 600 people, discussing tech and innovation. This event has been going on for more than decade and I’ve been hosting it 4 years now. The challenge is how do you keep an event – or any creative endeavor fresh and interesting?? One common approach […]

innovation from inspiration

How To Use Constraints Of Time Money & People For Better Innovations

Creativity is usually associated with open spaces, uninhibited freedom, and a lack of anything to stifle expression. However, sometimes it can be beneficial, even essential, to build walls, make rules and impose constraints on ourselves in order to get our creativity flowing. The fact is that unlimited options are very difficult to contend with – […]