Achieving Success by Pivoting Your Innovation

To me, pivoting is making a significant change in direction. Many people are not aware that some of today’s products result from a pivot. We’ll look at seven companies that made meaningful, significant changes resulting in ultimate success. Achieving Success by Pivoting Your Innovation PayPal started as a digital “I owe you” platform. Today, it is a […]

Pivoting Pivot

James ‘Hondo’ Geurts on Taking the Navy into the Next Wave of Innovation

How do you manage over $100B in spending to innovate and not let that scale overcome your vision and approach to driving the most effective outcomes?  Can you balance speed and performance, short and long term innovation in parallel? Today’s guest on Killer Innovations stands at the forefront of these decisive decisions every day and […]

James 'Hondo' Geurts

Refocusing the Innovation for the Future S13 Ep53

Are VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) glasses the future?  It might bring to mind an awkward image. People lumbering with bulky headgear.  Besides intense gaming, what are the practical uses for VR/AR technology? By refocusing the innovation and having the courage to pivot, GridRaster Inc. reveals that VR/AR technology is not reserved for gaming enthusiasts.  This […]

Refocusing the innovation

Starting Selling and Pivoting Start-up Companies

Guest: Jeff White (@jeff_white1347)

This weeks show gives insight into a serial entrepreneur and the cycles he went through from starting, pivoting and selling his past companies and his current start-up that has gone through its pivot to find its place in the market. What’s the secret of pivoting your company so that its a better chance of success? Guest: Jeff […]

starting selling and pivoting a start-up