Tools And Tricks To Overcome Creativity Block


Segment 1: Tools And Tricks To Overcome Creativity Block

  • Talking Pictures
  • Concept Fan
  • Drawing
  • Brutethink
  • Thril
  • Problem Reversal
  • Circle of Opportunity

Segment 2: Killer Question Of The Week

Redefine the problem

  • ‘There is usually more than one-way of looking at problems.  You could also define this one as ….’
  • ‘… but the main point of the problem is …’
  • ‘What I would really like to do is …’
  • ‘If I could break all laws of reality (physical, social, etc.) I would try to solve it by …’
  • ‘The problem put in another way could be likened to …’
  • ‘Another, even stranger, way of looking at it might be …’

Segment 3: Closing Thoughts 

“The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it” Alan Saporta

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