Toys That Help Nurture And Encourage Creative Kids S11 Ep36

Guest: Vitali Minin (@modulartoys)

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In this weeks episode, we take a look at toys that help our kids to discover their own creative ability. With the emerging creative economy, creativity is quickly becoming a foundational skill that everyone will need to have to succeed and where better to start than with our kids creativity. What's the secret to creative kids?

creative kids

We cover such topics as:

  • Why are some toys better than others when it comes to allowing our kids to experience their own creativity?
  • Are unstructured toys (e.g. “Instructions Not Included) better at sparking creative kids?
  • What does it take to create this new generation of toys?

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Guest: Vitali Minin – Founder and CEO of Modular Toys

Vitali Minin searched for 3d racetrack construction toy for his son but he could not find a true 3d racetrack construction toy. The natural response for this kind of situation for any entrepreneur was – “I`ll do it”. Using his design background, he developed the concept, including the design,  and presented it to the big companies in toys industry. Fortunately – all of the companies rejected the idea.

To give up was not an option. Vitali searches and finds Plastokit Quality ltd, a plastic injection factory in Israel. He forms a partnership with Avi Levy and Shimon gal,  the owners of Plastokit. They together developed the first prototype of Modular Racetrack and presented it at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. As they say, the rest is history.

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Today, Modular ™ Construction Toys specializes in the design and production of three dimensional construction toys. The concept is based on a new patented and innovative modular system that enables multiple variations developing 3D perception, planning, creativity and abstract thinking.

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Killer Question

Odds are that you and your competitors are actually competing in two distinct ways. The obvious battle is the one to win customers from each other. The less obvious, but equally important, one is the battle for the resources required to produce your product.

In previous episodes, I touched on the concept of unexpected jolts, and how the disruptions they cause can be not only destructive but also an opportunity for a savvy company to make bold moves and leapfrog over their competition.

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One way to prepare for jolts is to assess your relationship with key suppliers, and figure out if those relationships are strong enough to survive an unexpected event. Look at the suppliers who are critical to your business and ask yourself if you are a priority for them.

If unexpected circumstances suddenly caused their output to be slashed, would you still get shipments or would you be waiting till the disruption was over? The tsunami that hit Japan in early 2011 was a disaster, both in terms of human pain and suffering and in the way it slammed down on the Japanese tech industry.

Sparking Points

  • Are there areas where you could establish a unique relationship with key partners and therefore block your competitors?
  • What essential needs do you share with your competitors that are not obvious?
  • How could you attract partners that would extend the value of your product (i.e., third-party accessories for smartphones, third-party car parts)?
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2 thoughts on “Toys That Help Nurture And Encourage Creative Kids S11 Ep36

  1. That is great inspiring interview. I was amazed by the perspective about innovations and the great options and abilities of the toy, which are endless and growing excitement to build and create in sophisticated perspectives ways. Loved it!

  2. There really are many great innovative toys now that help kids to explore their creativity and I think that 3D printing has helped this process a lot. I think it’s fantastic that there are so many options these days. One of my favourite toys is the kids pedal car from MQB. ALready before buying it they allow the kids to make different design choices to create their dream car and also afterwards they can paint it however they like. In addition it’s made from sustainable materials. A great way to explore new technologies and sustainable options with the kids while having a lot of fun!