Using 30-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity S13 Ep7

Guest: Noah Scalin

In June 2007, after finding himself creatively drained,  Noah started a personal project — Skull-A-Day. This yearlong art project's objectives was to create challenges that would jumpstart his personal creative energy.  What started out as a personal project ended up transforming his creative future.

The project went viral and became an Internet sensation which led to a Webby award along with appearances on TV, magazines, and a book. Skull-A-Day went on to become a user-generated tool for inspiring creativity in people, young and old, around the world. The response from Noah's fans inspired a series of books about daily creative work. To help bring this to the business world, Noah and his sister Mica Scalin formed an art & innovation consultancy that works with Fortune 500 companies.

Topics Phil and Noah discussed included:

  • His background and how he came to be an artist (hint: parents are both artists)
  • How the Skull-a-Day project got started
  • His experience of having a private personal art project, Skul-A-Day, go viral and how it transformed his career and his life
  • How daily challenges can be the spark to personal creativity
  • The creativity of kids and how they can inspire adults.
  • His new book, Creative Sprint: Six 30-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity.
  • His consulting and speaking business that was the result of Skul-A-Day.
  • What's next for him?
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About Noah Scalin:

Noah Scalin is the first artist-in-residence at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business. He is creator of the Webby Award winning project Skull-A-Day and the collaborative science fiction universe & performance art project League of Space Pirates. His fine art has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally, including the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Mütter Museum and Krause Gallery in NYC. His work has been featured in dozens of publications including Fast Company, Juxtapos, Beautiful/Decay, USA Today, The Telegraph, and the New York Times. Noah co-runs Another Limited Rebellion an art & innovation consulting firm and is a sought after public speaker on creativity. He is the author of six books, including most recently Creative Sprint – which he co-wrote with his sister/business partner Mica Scalin.

Contact Information fro Noah Scalin:

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