Here Are The Steps To Go From An Idea To On The Shelf S12 Ep1

Guest: Tracy Hazzard (@hazzdesign)

In this weeks show, we talk with Tracy Hazzard of Hazz Design whee she has co-invented 35 patents with an 86% commercialization rate and designed 250+ consumer products bought everyday generating over $750 million for her clients. How does she go from idea to on the shelf?

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On the show, we discuss:

  • The common challenges innovators run into when trying to go from idea to “on the shelf” (hint: passion is not always a good thing)
  • What are the seven steps that Tracy uses whenever she is starting a new project to commercialize an idea?
  • Tracy's experience with on-shore and off-shore manufacturing?
  • What is the critical “double check” before scaling production?
  • How important is a patent to getting “on the shelf”?
  • What's the trick to making a design patent valuable? (hint: its all about the pieces)

About Tracy Hazzard:

Tracy Hazzard, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate, has been designing with husband Tom for over 20 years. Through her Inc. magazine column, By Design, she pushes companies of all sizes to strategically and tactically design in success and accelerate business growth. Tracy also co-hosts the WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast, the start point for the next industrial revolution. Her methods are taught in Harvard Business Review courses at universities worldwide. 

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