What Are Your Most Pressing Questions on Innovation? S12 Ep9

Answering Live Questions

This weeks show is what we call an “Ask Phil” episode where we take your questions on innovation via Facebook or via email, and answer them live during the show.

The questions answered during the show were:

  • “I loved your post about feeling stupid!!! You give the best advice that is grounded in you immense amount of experience! When you say you have helped people unlock their confidence how have you done that?” via Athena
  • “What is your best advice for large companies who are not nimble enough to embrace innovation? How can they restructure to ensure that they not only continue to innovate but also be a sponge that soaks up potential competitors who threaten to disrupt from below?” via Kym
  • “My question: What is the right definition of disruptive Innovation? Now, everyone use this word for everything. It seems as several years ago, everyone use strategy for everything.” via Patricia
  • “What exercises do you do to work your creative muscle and why?” via Steve

Show Notes:

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Listen to this week's show, What Are Your Most Pressing Questions on Innovation? S12 Ep9.

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